Executive Eva

Executive EvaWho you are:
You are an established high potential leader and made it to that role you desired, however you are beginning to realize that this is a different ballgame altogether. The stakes are even higher and at times you feel like you are out of your league. You know you are smart enough to be here yet being at the top can be lonely. Juggling your workload, developing others and trying to find time for your personal life is becoming more challenging and you are exhausted trying to have it all.

What your issues tend to be:
Now that you have “made it”, you are struggling with how to break through at the next level. You have what it takes to do the job well but you often find yourself second-guessing your decisions. You are now the role model for others and having “all eyes on you” can be daunting. Keeping your composure even in tough situations can be challenging for you. At times you still struggle to raise your game and become more organizationally savvy. You have been intentional about developing your relationships but now you are starting to wonder if you have the right strategic relationships. You try to be authentic and stay true to your leadership purpose but it can be really challenging at times.

What you need most right now:
You want a strategic partner you can trust. Having someone walk alongside you to help you navigate these new waters and help alleviate some of the uncertainty you are feeling. At this level you may find that you are the only woman in the room. You want someone who has been where you are now, to help support you and encourage in a safe environment. You know what is important in your life and you want to continue delivering exceptional results AND have time for your life.

The Wonder Loft Coaching program that you will thrive in:

The Diamond Program: Leadership Mastery

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Before working with Angela, I didn’t have a good understanding of how my management perceived me as an employee or as a manager. After a few sessions with Angela she helped paint the picture of management’s perception of me. As a result I have earned both trust and respect from leadership. I am now included on higher level conversations about the future of our company.

Jamie Vallejo – Manager Research Revenue Cycle, Rush Medical Center


Angela has been a pivotal coach and manager for me. She uses her strengths in creativity to provide unique solutions to challenges. Angela is also a top developer of talent. Angela is good at helping me cut through the noise and focus on the root issues. I feel fortunate to have worked and learned so much from Angela.


Sandra Williams – Brand Director, ConAgra Foods


Angela exemplifies that rare combination of one who is grounded in logic, yet soaring with spirit. She is a warm, caring person who wants the best for her clients and isn’t afraid to call that forth from them! When you are coached by Angela, you will see possibilities that you never knew existed.

Cynthia Pike-Fuentes – Principal Coach


Before working with Angela, I was somewhat aware of the unwritten rules to be successful in the corporate world. Fortunately, after meeting Angela, I was able to navigate the corporate world with these rules and more. The reason her methods worked so well was because she listened, shared real-life experiences, and helped me think through situations versus reacting to the consequences of my actions.

Erika Calhoun – Material Management Expert


Angela has helped me to remain positive, invest in my development, and develop a tangible game plan that I am following to reach my goals.

Roxanne Ryan – Project Director – Corporate Executive Board


With careful planning and challenging introspective work Angela helped me focus on what truly mattered and find a role that aligned my marketing expertise with my desire to do meaningful work for the world. I highly recommend Angela and often refer her to my colleagues who are also at the crossroads. Trust me, you won’t regret the opportunities that come your way through this process!

Kamilah Jones – Vice President of Marketing, Teach For America


Angela demonstrates a commitment, competence, and communication level that’s unparalleled, but essential for helping you reach your goals and dreams.

Malcolm Greene – Entrepreneur